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Seasonal Reminder: Dress for the weather, not the car.

You can't always avoid the emergency room. But there are simple things to do that can make the best of a bad situation. Click here for tips to deal with trauma (e.g., broken bones, bleeding, etc), chest pain, abdominal pain, respiratory difficulty, and high fever. More info....

Click here for a listing of first-aid essentials for home, car, pack, or trek.

Finding Firewood

Firewood is always a challenge, especially during wet or wintery conditions. Click for a tip...

Wildland Safety.

Always be prepared for survival situations.

 Be Safe Out There. Driving to the trailhead, hiking along the trail or bushwhacking and camping in the backcountry need some special techniques and good equipment. Keep your tent, sleeping bag, backpack and other gear in tip top condition.

Wildlife needs your respect, especially if you are part of their food chain. Learn to incorporate preventative techniques in your normal routine and you’ll not need to be apprehensive while in bear or cougar country.

Safe drinking water is one of your main concerns. Water filters and water purifiers provide safe and convenient water wherever you are.

To fully enjoy the great outdoors you must feel safe and secure. Whether you're new to the wildlands or have spent several years trammeling about, learning or reviewing safety tips is always beneficial.

Be aware of hypothermia whenever in cool, moist windy situations.

So pack up your tent, sleeping bag, and camping gear on your pack frame and get out there. 

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About Us
Your Backpacking Outfitter

Your Backpacking Outfitter

Who are we?

Backpacking Outfitter is a subsidiary of Morrell Online Mall Incorporated, based along Morrell Creek, in Seeley Lake, Montana, USA. We are at the edge of the largest intact ecosystem in the continental United States where we experience and see tents, sleeping bags, pack frames, trekking poles and other backpacking items used regularly. Through our online store, we offer a functional, durable and fairly priced selection of top quality, hiking and backpack camping gear for the casual or dedicated outdoor recreation enthusiast. Products include tents, sleeping bags, packframes, trekking poles and other items to enhance your experience.


We pride ourselves in our personalized customer service. Every order gets prompt and individual attention. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We want your online shopping experience to be easy, worry-free and fun! Browse our products by using the tabs along the top, or use the navigation links along the left side to browse by category. Ordering is easy with our secure online shopping cart.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our site. Our owners, officers and employees work a flexible schedule to allow plenty of fresh air and enjoyment of the great outdoors. We love hearing about your experiences.


More about our products:

At Backpacking Outfitter, we offer a hand-picked selection of high-quality back pack frames, tents, sleeping bags, trekking poles and other items for outdoor recreation.

Tents, sleeping bags, pack frames, trekking poles and other outdoor equipment are offered to increase your enjoyment of the great outdoors. As experienced outdoor users, we have selected quality products that are functional, durable and fairly priced to meet your needs.

Tents and sleeping bags of various sizes and styles provide good, comfortable shelter while strong pack frames help make the hike half the fun.

Trekking poles or walking sticks make a big difference for increasing efficiency and stability on the trail and especially for cross country travel.

Flashlights, water treatment, cooking utensils and other gear are available to complete hiking and camping comfort, safety and convenience


Hiking & Camping Gear:

As lifetime outdoor enthusiasts, we understand it can be hard to find gear that is functional, durable and reasonable priced. Finding yourself five miles from the trailhead and finding your tent frame won’t function the first time you use it is no fun.


Keep your eye on us!

We are committed to continuing our search for wonderful, top-quality outdoor gear to add to our store. So if you like what you find here, please be sure to check back occasionally to see what’s new! Consider adding your email address to our mailing list to be kept informed of specials and news through occasional emails from Backpacking Outfitter. Be assured that any information you provide, including your email address, will never be given out or used for any other purpose than that stated.