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Seasonal Reminder: Dress for the weather, not the car.

You can't always avoid the emergency room. But there are simple things to do that can make the best of a bad situation. Click here for tips to deal with trauma (e.g., broken bones, bleeding, etc), chest pain, abdominal pain, respiratory difficulty, and high fever. More info....

Click here for a listing of first-aid essentials for home, car, pack, or trek.

Finding Firewood

´╗┐Firewood is always a challenge, especially during wet or wintery conditions. Click for a tip...

Wildland Safety.

Always be prepared for survival situations.

 Be Safe Out There. Driving to the trailhead, hiking along the trail or bushwhacking and camping in the backcountry need some special techniques and good equipment. Keep your tent, sleeping bag, backpack and other gear in tip top condition.

Wildlife needs your respect, especially if you are part of their food chain. Learn to incorporate preventative techniques in your normal routine and you’ll not need to be apprehensive while in bear or cougar country.

Safe drinking water is one of your main concerns. Water filters and water purifiers provide safe and convenient water wherever you are.

To fully enjoy the great outdoors you must feel safe and secure. Whether you're new to the wildlands or have spent several years trammeling about, learning or reviewing safety tips is always beneficial.

Be aware of hypothermia whenever in cool, moist windy situations.

So pack up your tent, sleeping bag, and camping gear on your pack frame and get out there. 

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Which way to go?

Buy a good compass.

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Hiking Compasses -- Sold Out

Remember, a magnetic backpacking compass points to magnetic North pole, which is approximately 1,000 miles from the true geographic North Pole. These Silva hiking compasses have an adjustable geared declination scale to correct for variation and deviation so that true direction will be shown.

Built with accuracy in mind, these sighting camping compasses allow you to make direct eye contact with your target while taking a compass reading. This is done with a folding mirror that allows you to see the backpacking compass capsule while viewing your target.

The Silva Ranger 515 CL Compass sighting compass even allows you to use this sighting feature to make accurate clinometer (angle of inclination) readings.


How to use a compass.


1. Point The Base Plate To Your Destination

Place your compass on the map with the edge along the desired line of travel


2. Set Compass Heading

Turn the compass dial until "N" and the orienting lines on the base of capsule point to the north on your map. Your direction in degrees is read at the Index Line on the dial.


3. Follow Your Heading

Remove the compass from the map, and hold it level so the Magnetic Needle is free to turn. Turn your body until the red end of the needle aligns with the red Orienting Arrow and "N" on the dial. Using the Direction of Travel Arrow, sight a distant landmark and move to it. Repeat this process until you reach your destination. Enjoy using one of our new hiking compasses.