Katadyn Vario Dual Technology Microfilter
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Katadyn Vario Dual Technology Microfilter
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KATADYN VARIO- The fastest small water pump of the world

Backcountry Series products from Katadyn are ideal for camping, backpacking and trekking. They are lightweight, compact and the easiest way to make safe water. Backcountry Series products are the favourite choice for all-around use.

* Camping, trekking and backpacking
* Great for all-around use
* For clear and slightly turbid water
* From huts to camp grounds


Vario Dual Technology Microfilter water filter is fast, convenient and adaptable to various water conditions. Pumps up to 2 qt/min. For 1 to 4 people. Ideal for backpacking and trekking.

The only water filter adjustable for different conditions. The Vario water filter combines individual efficiency with the simplest possible handling. This water filter combines the two best technologies – ceramic and pleated microfiltration. The technology it uses consists of three filter levels: a high-performance glass fibre filter, a ceramic pre-filter that can be adjusted individually according to the cloudiness of the water, and active charcoal for eliminating odours.

Anyone who needs about two quarts of drinking water per minute from a water filter can use the glass fibre and active charcoal filter. If the water is extremely cloudy, the ceramic pre-filter can be fitted in a moment in order to extend the service life of the glass fibre filter while slowing the flow about half. The Vario water filter is compatible with most standard outdoor bottles and hydration bladders.

Includes: Prefilter, Deluxe Carry Bag and Cleaning Pad

• Selectively addable ceramic prefilter > ceramic is cleanable and protects the uncleanable glasfibre from soiling
• Replaceable carbon so water always tastes fresh. The activated carbon core of the water filter improves taste and adsorbs chemicals.
• Dual piston allows water to flow continuously when raising and lowering the pump handle to make the water filter rate faster.
• Rubber base > provides for a secure stand
• The Integrated bottle thread fits directly the water filter on Nalgene bottles (wide mouth)
• Outlet tube with bottle clip > easy filling of various containers
• Ultra fast flow (over two quarts/minute).

• Outdoors you find everyday changing water conditions. One day it is clear, the other turbid or smells bad.
A water filter with different modes of operation is the answer.
• The new Katadyn water filter pump uses ceramic as cleanable dirt shield and glasfibre for microbiological filtration
with minimal pump resistance.
• The Katadyn Vario Microfilter meets industry water filter standards for reduction of bacteria (99.9999% Klebsiella terrigena) and protozoan cysts (99.9% Giardia and Cryptosporidium).
• In mode “LONGERLIFE” the turbid water is first prefiltered through the ceramic disk.
• When operating in mode “FASTER FLOW” the water is directed straight to the glasfibre membrane, increasing
the water flow to up to 2 quart (2 liter)/minute.
• Replaceable activated carbon granulate reduces chemicals and improves taste and odour.
• A dual piston mechanism provides continuous water flow with minimal effort.
• Replacement filters are sold separately (ceramic disk, glasfibre with AC, activated carbon granulate refills)
• This water filter is winner of the “Industry Award 2006” and the “ISPO Outdoor Award Summer 2006”.
• Water Filter Cartridge Capacity: Up to 500 gallons (1875 liters), depending on water quality
• Water Filter Weight: 15 oz
• Height: 3”x 6.5""
• Microfiltration Method: Cleanable ceramic disc lengthens life of primary microfilter. 0.3 Micron high surface area pleated glassfiber microfilter removes waterborne bacteria and cysts. Replaceable carbon core reduces chemicals, pesticides and bad taste in water.
• Technology: Pumpfilter; ceramic prefilter, 0.3 micron glasfibre membrane, replaceable activated carbon granulate
• Effect: Eliminates bacteria*, protozoa*, cysts, algae, spores, sediments. Reduces chemicals and improves taste and odour.
• Output: Approx. 2 qt/min (Faster Flow)
Approx. 1 qt/min (Longer Life)
• Water Filter Capacity: Up to 500 gallons, depending on water quality
• Guarantee: 2 years
• Material: Plastics, ceramic, glasfibre, activated carbon granulate (GAC), silicone
• Swiss Made

Depending on how polluted the water has been, after about 500 gallons or when the output becomes too slow, you’ll need to install the activated carbon filled Vario Replacement cartridge (SKU #45503). When you notice a change in the taste or odor, or every 6 months, you’ll want to renew the carbon from a Vario Carbon Replacement 2 pack (SKU #45505). Purchase these now or please bookmark this site to acquire at that time.

In the event the ceramic prefilter disc becomes damaged or unserviceable please order Verion Ceramic Disc SKU #45504.

Mfg No. 8014931

Barcode 604375149311