Katadyn Mini Ceramic Microfilter
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Ultralite Series
Katadyn Mini Ceramic Microfilter
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Mini Ceramic Microfilter

Ultralight Series products from Katadyn are the lightest water filter systems available on the market. They are designed for solo use and perfect for business trips, in hotels or at sports.
• Weekend trips, day excursions and travel
• Light solo use
• Perfect water filter for one person
• For clear water
• In the outdoors or at hotels

Exclusive silver impregnated ceramic element lasts up to 2000 gallons.

Water Filter Specifications:
Microfiltration Method: Field-cleanable 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter
Output: 0.5 quarts (0.5 l)/ minute
Cartridge Capacity: Up to 2000 gallons
Water Filter Weight: 8 oz.
Height: 7"
Includes: Prefilter, Bottle Clip, Carry Bag, Measuring Gauge and Cleaning Pad

• The right choice for users whose top priority is minimum weight and size.
• Ideal for stays in hotels and short trips.
• Unlike disposable filters, the ceramic can be cleaned several times - even in the field

TESTS (Katadyn ceramic filter)

-- Convenio de Cooperacion Tecnico-Cientifica, Universidad Nactional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru,

-- Escherichia coli, Fecal Coliforms, Shigella sp., Salmonella typhi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio cholera,
Giardia, intestinal cysts, Entamoeba histolytica cysts

-- T. Kuepper, S. Schaub and h. hargutt, Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port hueneme,
CA, USA, 10.1988:

-- Klebsiella terrigena, Rhodotorula rubra, Cryptosporidium parvum

Barcode 604375176645

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